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API Services

API integration services for elevated carbon accounting – effortless access. Utilise our advanced set of APIs for factorials, assessments, calculation engine for precise GHG assessment while streamlining your supplier sustainability, with click to custom supplier assessment that could be deployed to your entire supply chain in minutes. Dive into insights via emissions database, tailored net zero solutions. Benefit from scalable, secure APIs supported by CarbonAnalytics.

Seamless integration with Carbon Analytics

Access the robust capabilities of our platform through our API Services, allowing for a seamless integration with existing tools and systems. Leverage Carbon Analytics' state-of-the-art Carbon Accounting technology to measure, analyse, and monitor GHG assessment across your entire value chain. Elevate your Carbon Accounting as a Service (CAaaS) with the best in the industry.

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Supplier questionnaire assessment

Navigating supplier sustainability can be a complex task. With our Supplier Questionnaire Assessment API, streamline the process and gain a clear insight into your suppliers' practices and adherence to environmental standards.

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Carbon Analytics emissions database API

Unlock unprecedented insights with our CarbonAnalytics Emissions Database API. Gain access to our proprietary Emission Factors Database, covering all scopes, industries, and regions. With real-time data and customisable queries, you can empower your Carbon Analytics Risk Assessment, Supplier Sustainability Assessment, and reporting to new heights.

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Tailored solutions for your needs

Whether you're a sustainability leader or a procurement manager aiming for Net Zero, our API services are designed to meet your specific needs. From Supplier GHG Analytics to CarbonAnalytics Carbon Rating, our API offerings align with your sustainability goals and challenges.

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Scalable and secure

Built with scalability and security in mind, our Emissions API services provide a robust framework that can handle the demands of large enterprises, SMEs, and everything in between. Utilise our APIs with confidence, knowing that they are backed by CarbonAnalytics' commitment to excellence in Carbon Accounting and Emissions Factor Database management.

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Support and documentation

Benefit from comprehensive documentation, dedicated support, and ongoing updates. Our team is here to assist you in leveraging our API services for maximum impact, ensuring you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of CarbonAnalytics and Carbon Accounting.

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