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Where are you in your carbon reduction journey?

Carbon Analytics is first of its kind real-time carbon accounting and financial performance platform for physical assets and equipments.

Bringing visibility of carbon footprint to value chain.

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Carbon Analytics is a real-time carbon accounting and financial performance platform for industrial decarbonisation.

The World’s Most Urgent Mission:

Zero Carbon by 2050

Zero Carbon by 2050

Every country, city, financial institution and company should adopt plans for net zero -- and act now to get on the right path to that goal, which means cutting global emissions by 45 per cent by 2030 compared with 2010 levels

António Guterres
United nations secretary-general

UK carbon account for the year 2050

The amendment in this order has the effect that the minimum percentage by which the net UK carbon account for the year 2050 must be lower than the 1990baseline is increased from 80% to 100%..

The climate change act 2008 (2050 target amendment) order 2019
UK parliament

Net-zerp target in Denmark

In Denmark: having previously proposed a net-zero target, the government committed by law to reaching carbon neutrality by2050 in June 2019.


Japan: Net-zero emissions by 2050

Japan pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 in October 2020.Coal, gas and oil currently dominate the nation’s energy mix, and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 will require major investments into renewable energy, as well as reducing the size of its coal fleet.


France: Net-zerp greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

In 2019, France announced legislation to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.The law also increased its 2030 target to reduce consumption of fossil fuels by 30% to 40%


Benefits of becoming Carbon Neutral

Reduce costs

More sustainable practices tend to improve business operations and reduce expenses by decreasing utilisation of raw materials, energy, water and packaging. By saving energy, you save money

Carbon Neutrality reduces costs

Get ahead of regulations

More and more countries are approving carbon emission regulations for their citizens and businesses. Getting started now with your carbon neutrality journey, is the best strategy for long-term viability and corporate sustainability.

Get ahead of regulations for Carbon Neutrality by using Carbon Analytics now

Access to funding and investment

Investors, financial institutions and Governments are growingly considering companies' reports on sustainability and carbon risks. A clear information about strategies and achievements on this matter will improve access to capital.

By becoming carbon neutral you can get acces to funding and capital

Corporate social responsibility

Your company will be recognized worldwide as part of a movement, with more than 1,000 companies united to lead the crusade against climate change

Be social responsible. Be carbon neutral. Use Carbon Analytics

Better business results

Julie Sweet, Accenture CEO, agrees with aa research that shows companies with combined sustainability plans and actions into their business strategy are "2.5 more successful than those who have not".

Improve efficiency and obtain better business results with Carbon Analytics

Why us

Why Prognostic Carbon Cloud ?

Carbon accountability platform.

Scalable platform

User Friendly Device management and User management for large scale IoT solutions.

Industrial Decarbonisation. Industrial Decarbonization

Enterprise Level Security

Protection of user and devices including localisation of devices and alerts

Make better informed decisions to optimise and offset against your carbon footprint


“Plug and Play” to existing enterprise IT Systems and Automate requirements

for physical assets, such as plants, machinery and buildings in industries including renewables, smart grid, oil and gas, and manufacturing.


Interoperability across communication protocols. Cross-application business logic and Hardware agnostic.

Our commitment to

Sustainability, Efficiency and Feasibility

Prognostic vision is support our customers achieve Zero Carbon, Zero Waste, Zero Downtime.

It’s a transition we are excited to be part of in supporting neutrality by offsetting, while delivering energy efficiencies through optimisation across operations and energy!

Zero Carbon, zero waste, zero downtime

The Process

How to make the big step


Establish a roadmap for your Net Neutrality and Zero Carbon Stats. Connect to our platform and get started right away




View your accurate GHG Emissions and Carbon Footprint. Use our platform to Analyse & Model you consumption data. View patterns, trends of usage


Deliver results by
optmising your assets to achieve ROI inline with your Zero Carbon Roadmap. Offset your remainder footprint against Carbon Offset Credit for Net Neutrality


Get free weekly insights to reduce your Carbon footprint and improve your Financial performance

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