Innovating Sustainability

CarbonAnalytics empowers sustainable journeys through integrated carbon accounting. Our platform enables transparency, helping you make informed decisions across the value chain. Through complex data insights, we ensure precise carbon accounting using primary and secondary data. This approach creates a comprehensive sustainability profile of your organisation and your value chain.

Emissions Data Points
Our platform processes over 100K data points, transforming insights into action.
CarbonAnalytics is making waves in 10+ diverse industries, setting new sustainability standards.
Industry Partners
Our growing network of strategic partners, enhancing collaboration and collective impact.
Target Impact on CO2e reduction
CarbonAnalytics Target is to have an impact in managing over 10 million tons of CO2e emissions per annum.
Emissions Factors
Stay up-to-date with 50,000+ emissions factors, helping you make informed decisions.

Why carbon analytics?

At CarbonAnalytics, we empower businesses on their sustainability journey. Our platform leverages state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly integrate measuring, analysing, and tracking carbon emissions into corporate responsibility, enhancing supply chain transparency and unlocking sustainability.

Our Technology & Approach

CarbonAnalytics stands at the forefront of sustainability innovation with our cutting-edge technology designed to encompass the entire value chain of an organisation. Here's how we are revolutionising the field of carbon accounting and GHG assessment.

Complex Data Model for End-to-End Value Chain Analysis:

Connected Scope 3 Categories: connecting suppliers, products, assets, emissions, and more.
Accurate Insights: Ensure accuracy, gain essential sustainability insights.
Enhanced Decisions: Visualise the emissions across the value chain for informed choices

Two Types of Data for Precision and Flexibility:

CarbonAnalytics utilises two distinct types of data to offer robust and versatile carbon accounting:

Primary Data (Activity-Based): Through primary data, we provide detailed, activity-based insights that give you a precise understanding of your emissions based on actual measurements and direct observations.
Secondary Data: In the absence of primary data, our platform leverages well-researched secondary data, drawing from reputable sources and industry standards. This ensures that even without direct measurement, you can still obtain an accurate representation of your emissions.

Connecting the Climate Platform:

Unified Data Collection: Capture environmental impact data across your organisation, from supply chain to products, operations, and investments.
All-Inclusive Solution: CarbonAnalytics unifies supply chain, product lifecycle, operations, and financial aspects for a comprehensive sustainability profile.

Key Features of Our Technology

CarbonAnalytics offers a range of innovative features, designed to provide a comprehensive solution for your carbon accounting and GHG assessment needs:

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Enterprise Carbon Accounting

Monitor and analyse Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions with interactive dashboards and granular breakdowns. Our platform provides complete tracking and insights into your emissions profile.

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Process Optimisation and Product Exploration

Utilise visual heatmaps to optimise workflows, minimise Carbon Footprint, and analyse the product Carbon Footprint across all lifecycle stages. Our tools help in informed decision-making for sustainable product development.

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Lifecycle Assessment (LCA)

Embrace a holistic view of the environmental impact of products and processes. Our LCA capabilities align with best practices, enabling a clear path towards Net Zero.

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Supplier GHG Analytics and CSR Assessment

Delve into the complexities of your supply chain with detailed analytics and supplier sustainability assessments, driving an ethical and sustainable approach throughout.

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Automated Reporting and Visualisation

Transform your reporting with real-time automation and advanced visualisation tools. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, generate insightful reports, and explore your data through interactive visuals, including dashboards, graphs, and heatmaps.

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Scope 3 Explorer

Gain an all-encompassing view of your GHG emissions profile with our Scope 3 Explorer, capturing everything from direct emissions to your entire value chain.

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"Sustainability simplified"

"CarbonAnalytics has simplified our sustainability efforts, providing user-friendly and robust tools that effortlessly gather emissions data throughout our business"

Lankitha Wimalarathna
Lankitha Wimalarathna
CEO at Hiveage Ltd

"Sustainability strategy and emissions management"

"CarbonAnalytics’ tools elevated our sustainability strategy and streamlined emissions management, especially in Scope 3 emissions.”

Phil Singh
General Manager at Metalitest Limited.

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