The key
to industrial decarbonisation
is to understand your assets

Innovation for climate action

We solve a crucial problem in reducing the impact of climate change by helping asset intensive companies with complex supply chains reduce their carbon footprint.

Our chosen specialism is based on a unique carbon tracking, intelligence and offsetting platform for businesses involved in industrial decarbonization. With over 75 years of combined experiences, we brought in significant knowledge, expertise, and Intellectual Property collectively compiled over years of experience on physical assets.

We are the only platform to solve this problem in a novel way looking at assets and processes across the supply chain and mapping gradual Scope 3 GHG emissions.

Carbon analytics provides digital transformation and innovation against climate change
Carbon Analytics is aligned with the United Nations UN Sustainable Development Goals  SDG

A change of mindset, driven by positive application of technology

Our approach is to encourage lateral thinking, encouraging social and environmental awareness which goes way beyond simple carbon accounting and instead focuses on creating shared values and holistic outlooks.

One of the benefits of using our tool is that it provides real-time carbon component cost tracking at asset level with the traceability to support the concept of the circular economy. Another is that it directly encourages the uptake of renewable energy.

Our platform has a direct positive impact on 2 SDGs and an indirect positive impact on 5 others. The clear monitoring of sustainable development impacts encourages development of sustainable infrastructures and accountable, responsible modes of production and consumption. It also facilitates communication and transparency between suppliers, producers and consumers.

+75 years of combined experience to work for a better future

Shravane Balabasqer Carbon Analytics CEO

Shravane Balabasqer

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Grant Millar - Carbon Analytics CTO

Grant Millar

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Carbon Analytics CCO

MICHAEL "Mike" Pulley
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

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Ashley Olsson - sustainability Lead Carbon Analytics

Ashley Olsson

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Miguel Castillo Marketing Carbon Analytics

Miguel Castillo

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"We started the business by focusing on delivering a solution that ultimately leaves a positive impact. Thereby, we had aligned ourselves to some of UN's sustainability goals, mainly Climate Change and Poverty (energy poverty). We have a grand vision to resolve energy poverty through a circular economy funded by industries, and we firmly believe we are a structure for this solution.
As founders, we have personally committed to this, and we want to leave this planet a better place for future generations to come."

Shravane Balabasqer

Our philosophy

Carbon Analytics Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people and organisations with the most accurate real-time granular insights to help them make better and faster decisions towards a roadmap to decarbonisation of complex value chains and ultimately achieving Net-Zero.

Carbon Analytics Vision Statement

Our vision

Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), our grand vision is to be the leading provider to carbon reduction market by helping businesses reduce their emissions and create a negative footprint, while becoming standard choice of tool for industrial decarbonisation

Carbon Analytics creativity social responsibility diversity sustainability

Our Key Values

Sustainability delivering impact
Integrity & trust for us and our clients
Fostering innovation to solve problems
Communication across all levels
Speed & agility while fail fast
Creativity, diversity, and social responsibility

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