Zero Carbon, Zero Waste, Zero Downtime

Prognostic uses Industry 4.0 advancements to help companies to achieve Carbon accountability goals by improving their operational resilience and forward looking energy usage.

+75 years of combined experience to work for a better future

Shravane Kumar Balabasqer

Founder and CEO


“At Prognostic data is core to our decisions. We created Carbon Analytics to provide organisations with the latitudes of improvisation in achieving Zero Carbon. I believe, we are at a turning point in the fight against climate change. We want to facilitate companies  understand their emissions at an asset level. This pivotal level of visibility on carbon is missing from the value chain to truly achieving Zero Carbon.

Robert “Rob” Bachan

Co-Founder and CTO

In Prognostic, we think laterally. We look beyond just sensor data. We combine with process data, user sentiment, external data like we are solving a puzzle with just colours but combining the pieces to create something beautiful... There are many players who are focused on particular 'colours' but not considering the lateral spectrum.

Charles Joel

Co-Founder and CCO

“9 out of 10 CFO's are flying blind. The operational technology gap to financial metrics is worsening. 2/3 of a physical assets cost is over its operational life. Prognostic cloud platform solves this by analyzing operational data in real time and translating it to financial risk.”

About us

Our philosophy

Our purpose

To empower people through data, there by making sustainable decisions easier, faster, safer

Our vision

To support the asset-intensive sectors achieve Zero Carbon, Zero Waste, and Zero Downtime.

Our mission

Simplify and optimise the management of the operational risks for asset intensive organisations while saving costs while striving to deliver to zero carbon commitments.

Our Culture

Our view is ‘don’t just ponder the future, start creating it’. We believe in bridging the business, operations and carbon commitments using innovative technology. We build experiences not just products

Our Key Values

Sustainability delivering results.

Integrity & trust for us and our clients.

Fostering innovation to solve problems

Communication across all levels

Speed & agility while fail fast

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