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Transforming data into actionable insights against GHG emissions

Across industrial GHG emissions, 80% of emissions on  average is contributed by indirect Scope 3 across the value  chain. This means, in an organisation, the biggest component  of emissions is also the least visible and accounted for in  carbon accounting.

Carbon Analytics connects and collects data automatically  and calculates emissions on an asset level. We then surface the GHG emissions and other sustainability metrics accurately bottom up by assets (e.g. machines, building, logistics) NOT relying merely on corporate financial data. 

Our novel way to calculate emissions using real-time activity  data from plant, machinery and logistics provides a more  accurate carbon footprint at a process level.    

The capability of our tool really shines in mapping the Scope  3 supply chain sustainability analytics in real time with high  visibility and accuracy.

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We determine Scope 1, Scope 2 & Scope 3 (corporate and supply chain data) high levels of accuracy and deeper insights.


Our dashboard visualises emissions data along with analytics and reporting functionalitiesin an organisation, the biggest component  of emissions is also the least visible and accounted for in  carbon accounting.Across industrial GHG emissions, 80% of emissions on  average is contributed by indirect Scope 3 across the value  chain.
Granular carbon accounting and intelligence
  Predictive Emissions Trends
Granular Supply Chain Traceability
Sustainability Risk Rating
Sustainability Performance Monitoring
Intuitive Frontend Dashboard
Sustainability Heatmap
Carbon Offset Integration
AI technology and deep tech for auto  scoping
Carbon Cost Tracking

Why Prognostic Carbon Cloud?

Why be GREEN ?

World recognition

Your company will be recognized worldwide as part of a movement, with more than 1,000 companies united to lead the crusade against climate change.

Carbon footprint calculation


Evidence shows that companies demonstrating leadership on climate action are more profitable. A CDP study of 500 S&P industry leaders found that organizations disclosing climate change management generate 67% higher return on equity than non-responding companies

Carbon footprint calculation

Access to funding and investment

Investors, financial institutions and Governments are growingly considering companies' reports on sustainability and carbon risks. A clear information about strategies and achievements on this matter will improve access to capital.

Carbon footprint calculation

More efficiency and greater innovation

Once a company assumes a commitment to carbon neutrality, a process of reengineering and reinvention begins across the entire organization. This generally brings improvement of machines, equipment, process and teams.

Carbon footprint calculation

Profound carbon intelligence at your service

Only platform to measure carbon footprint at asset-level value chain for Scope 3

Our platform provides data access with asset level traceability to deeply  manage Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 GHG emissions. Often-under  reported or not declared, Scope 3 supply chain metrics are analysed in real time with high accuracy. It uses up-to-date global parameters and industry protocols and applies external data sets such as weather and  traffic to enrich prediction models.

The only platform to measure carbon footprint at asset-level value chain for Scope 3

Scalable, flexible, and secure

SaaS solution with scalable and flexible integration to  connect to existing systems. Providing an enterprise level security and anonymisation of data to ensure protection of sensitive data.

Scalable, flexible, and secure

How can you successfully manage carbon without the data?

Granular carbon management makes forecasting and reporting easier and far more accurate, increasing transparency for stakeholders, regulators, and consumers. Offsetting, complying with regulation and carbon trading is made easier by our asset-level, real-time analytics.

How can you successfully manage carbon without the data?

Deep data & machine learning at asset level

Our dashboards enable users to view real time, accurate GHG emissions and carbon footprints facilitating further analysis.  Modelling of consumption data, viewing of patterns, and analysis of trends of usage are all made simple. Data sets are validated and broken down by asset level. Applied machine learning enables you to analyse trends and predictively model future carbon footprint.

Deep data & machine learning at asset level

Green taxes and future carbon trading

Accurate predictive modelling optimises asset operations, asset purchase, and carbon offsetting in line with carbon roadmaps, making correlations with financial performance more  transparent – crucial for Net Zero goals. Offsetting and carbon credits in carbon trading markets will rely on accuracy and  speed, generating potential competitive advantage for those with granular, asset-level carbon footprint data.

Green taxes and future carbon trading

Decarbonise the world!

Climate Change is one of the biggest existential problems we face as a civilisation. Industries have been a prime contributor to this.

Today more than ever, businesses need to understand their true carbon footprint with accuracy across the entire value chain.

Weekly insights to reduce your carbon footprint

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