CarbonAnalytics is participating at Web Summit 2021

Shravane Balabasqer
October 7, 2021

CarbonAnalytics is participating at Web Summit 2021

CarbonAnalytics by Prognostic will be participating at Web Summit 2021, between November 1–4 in Lisbon, Portugal.

This has been made possible with support from our partners in Techstar, and we are excited for this in many ways, mainly a chance to see our customers, investors and well wishers face-to-face what is known as one of “the largest world’s most influential technology event”.

CarbonAnalytics was selected for the innovation it shows in following the UN’s SDGs – 17 objectives in the fight for a better world, and you can find us in “Impact Startups” in Startup Island.

Additionally, Web Summit identified CarbonAnalytics as an Impact startups based on four factors:

1. Pursuing one or more of the SDGs through their operations.

2. Adapting enterprise objectives to be more sustainable.

3. Solving industry problems that could have a far-reaching effect.

4. Prioritising social collaboration and idea-sharing over competition and profit.

See you there in November!

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